SoundProof Vinyl Flooring

Our Sound Absorption Floor Let You Enjoy More Peace And Tranquillity

Soundproof Vinyl Flooring

Soundproof Vinyl Flooring is designed to reduce and absorb impact noise when a foot or object contact the floor surface. Some common examples of impact noise are footsteps, moving of furniture, pushing an equipment such as vacuum cleaner or trolley through the room, bouncing a ball against the floor and accidental dropping of objects onto the floor surfaces. Hence, it would be sensible to have soundproof flooring installed in living spaces and even work setting such as office or schools, where high level of activities is expected. This will ensure a more peaceful living and working environments for everyone.

Advance Engineering Technology in Soundproof Vinyl Flooring

The backing of the vinyl flooring is the bottom-most layer of the Vinyl Plank . This backing in our Soundproof Vinyl Flooring is made of soundproof material which absorb and block noise. Due to this sound absorption properties of the backing material, our Soundproof Vinyl Flooring has better acoustics properties compared to wood or laminate flooring. The extra thickness of the soundproof material also confer superior sound reduction properties compared to other brands of vinyl flooring in the market.

Soundproof Vinyl Flooring Vs Other Soundproof Flooring Solution


Thick Padded Carpet Floor

Although carpet will work effectively to reduce noise, it is hard to clean and maintain. It might not be practical for commercial area where a hard wearing surface would be required. In homes with children allergic to dust and mould, both of which are easily trapped in carpets, it would not be wise to install a carpet flooring. Hence, our Soundproof Vinyl Flooring with its superb durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance easily trump carpet to emerged as the ideal acoustic flooring of choice.


These are usually use below existing flooring such as carpets. Hence, it requires you to remove your existing floor to install the underlay. This may not be an option for ceramic tiles or cement floor as it is not possible to install the underlay under those type of floors. Our Soundproof Vinyl Flooring can be easily installed over existing subfloor without damaging it, through the use of the glueless click & lock installation method. (Check out our Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring page)

Acoustic Floor Treatments

There are various methods of acoustic floor treatment which might require complicated installation and removal of existing floor which would naturally result in a higher cost. Our Vinyl Flooring do not require any removal of the existing floor and can be safely installed over it hence provide a cost effective soundproofing floor solution.

Various advantages of our Soundproof Vinyl Flooring over other acoustic floor solutions:

  • No removal of existing floor
  • Can be installed over existing subfloor
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Easy to clean and maintain unlike carpets
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    Amazing Features Of Vinyl Flooring


    • Extreme durability
    • Available in various beautiful wood designs
    • Waterproof
    • Sound insulating (better soundproof vinyl flooring range is available)
    • Comfort to walk on
    • Slip Resistant with our 0.7mm deep embossed surface
    • Affordable and Cost-effective
    • Easy and fast to install
    • Easy to clean and maintain

    We are reliable and trusted specialist of vinyl flooring in Singapore. All our vinyl floorings are directly imported from manufacturers with strict quality standards to ensure high quality and competitive pricing. Call us today to find out more about our range of vinyl flooring, and how they could transform and benefit your home or businesses.

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