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Vinyl Flooring Wholesale Supplier – About Us

At Lexsure Flooring, we provide one-stop flooring solution to homeowners, as well as a wholesale supplier of Vinyl Flooring to businesses in Singapore and the regions.

With So Many Options On The Types And Suppliers Of Vinyl Flooring – Where Do You Start?


Read Our Vinyl Flooring Guide

Follow our quick and simple guide on choosing the type of vinyl flooring that is perfect for your need in our page on Type of Vinyl Flooring.

Check For Certification

Check with the flooring company for certification of their vinyl flooring products showing that they do not emit any harmful fumes. All our vinyl flooring products are eco-friendly. They do not emit any fumes that could pose health problems and would not cause pollution to the environment.

Buy From Direct Vinyl Flooring Wholesale Suppliers

Get the best value when you buy from direct Vinyl Flooring Wholesale Suppliers. We import our own range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vinyl flooring products that are of the same high quality as the branded products in the market but at a much lower price. We personally conduct on-site qualification of our manufacturers to ensure that our customers will enjoy reliable, safe and premium quality products.

Look For Experienced And Reliable Floor Installer

Engage an experienced company for floor installation. We are a One Stop Vinyl Flooring Solution Provider with experienced craftsmen ensuring excellent workmanship and reliable service.

We Welcome Quotation Enquires From Contractors And Interior Designers

For businesses such as interior designers, main and renovation contractors, we provide special wholesale bulk purchase at very competitive prices.
We have many years of experience in supplying wholesale bulk supplies of flooring to commercial contractors involved in handling large scale projects such as condominiums, office buildings and retails stores. When you choose us to be your vinyl flooring supplier you can be rest assured that you are always in good hands.

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